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Talk about various methods of transportation ashore, ocean and noticeable all around. Discuss how individuals get to where they are going (school transport, ship pontoon, auto and so on.) Incorporate field trips wherever conceivable. Travel on a school transport, stroll around the school parking garage to take a gander at autos, visit the air terminal, transport station or prepare station. Watch recordings that show distinctive types of transportation. Take a gander at travel magazines. Inquire as to whether anybody has been on a plane ... a prepare ... a stallion ... and so forth. Request that how understudies get school regular. How do kids in different nations travel? Leave bunches of time for exchange. Make a point to survey security rules (safety belts in autos, obeying movement flags, walk and don't walk signs). Bear in mind to talk about how items are conveyed ... messengers with trucks, planes and so forth. How does the mail travel?

In the wake of examining how individuals and items get from place to place, understudies can make drawings and canvases of different methods of transportation on thick paper. The photos can be painted or embellished with markers or colored pencils. Once entire, the photos can be removed and assembled in a portable ... by punching gaps in the photos and hanging them from a coat holder that has been wrapped with yarn or raffia. **Have your understudies compose certainties on the back of each of their methods of transportation. (ie trucks convey daily papers; individuals go on planes and so on.)

Guided Practice/Interactive Modeling (10 minutes) 

  • Give your understudies swings to pick a vehicle and place them on the transportation coloring pictures to appear on the off chance that they are land, water, or air transportation vehicles. 
  • Approach them to search for similitudes in the vehicles. 
  • Demonstrate to them the composed names of every vehicle. 
  • Urge them to attempt all alone furthermore coordinate the words. 
  • Watch and give help as required. 

Independent Working Time (10 minutes)

  • Give your understudies the chance to work in gatherings or sets. 
  • Go out arrangements of toys, list cards, and pictures to every gathering. 
  • Teach them to peruse the words and match them to the vehicles. 
  • Toward the finish of this area, request that the understudies put the vehicles, pictures, and the photo words away. 
  • Bring them back for audit of the lesson.

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